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PLRR – cancelled

The news has already flown around that the sanctioning has been withdrawn by the Alberta Bicycle Association for the upcoming Pigeon Lake Road Race, scheduled to be held in 6 days time on June 8. Second to this there has been significant discussion on social media as to what this means. The short summary for the race is that without sanctioning the race cannot go on as the Alberta Bicycle Association is also our source of insurance and officiating for the event.

The slightly longer summary is as follows. Last year at the Pigeon Lake Road Race there were multiple crashes requiring medical attention. These resulted in the cancelling of a number of races that were in-progress at the time. Following this, a number of changes were made to the race at the request of the ABA, and at the decision of ERTC’s Race Director. The plan was to race on the same course as previous years, with two separate start times to spread categories out on the road a bit more, and continue starting and finishing in/near the community of Mulhurst Bay which has been hospitable to us for so many years that the race is now referred to as a “Classic”. In many ways the PLRR has been exemplary of what a road race should be, in other ways it has been average. Our assessment is that the very short list of ways that the race needed to be improved (as identified following the incidents in 2013) were addressed. The assessment of the ABA was that these conditions were not met. It is with great frustration that we learned this within a week of the start of the race that they believed this to be the case, the ABA had complete visibility on the situation 3 weeks ago. We have good faith that the ABA did not ‘wait to act’ to push the timeline to become one that was so unfortunate… but we are still frustrated with how this played out.

While the “slightly longer summary” does not answer every question that every cyclist in Alberta has about the situation it is all that we’re prepared to share at this time. The decision was made by the ABA and at the moment we have every reason to believe the decision is final.

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20 Years of Pigeon Lake

Sunday June 8th marks the 20th Anniversary of our Pigeon Lake Road Race. With an altered start format, improved course communication and emergency response, you can rest assured that the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how far the break is down the road. As always, we’ll have pre race snacks, a post race meal, and bountiful draw prizes from our ever generous sponsor Revolution Cycle.

Don’t miss out on Alberta’s only Classic one day race through the rolling lake country. The eternal question: will the break stick or will it be a furious uphill drag race to the line?
Be part of the action and race Pigeon Lake as a tune up a week before the Banff Bike Fest

Race Pigeon Lake!

PLRR2014_Tech Guide

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Tuesday Night Crits are back!

Tuesday night crit racing is back after a long hiatus. ERTC has secured and insured use of the research-park loop for 8 weeks starting this Tuesday (May 20) through until July 15 (no race there on Canada Day)‎.

Members of clubs registered with the ABA are welcome to compete for bragging rights. There are no upgrade points available and we’re keeping the registration fee to a twoonie so there won’t be prizes until the season finale… aka the “World-Championships of the Tuesday-Night Universe”. Please stick your club membership card or racing license in your wallet so you can show it to us at registration.

Please do not arrive to the research park until after 5h30pm (when the majority of traffic has already left the area) and feel free to warm up on the loop. Ideally if you’re bringing a friend out for their first ever race you can spend some time teaching them a few skills before the races get underway. We will have two races, one slightly shorter one first intended for less experienced racers and another slightly longer and likely faster race second intended for cyclists who have a fair bit of experience under their belts. The first will begin at 6h15 (approx) and duration will be 20-30min. The second race will begin after at approx 6h45-7h00.

The schedule for clubs providing volunteers for the races is listed below. If your club is well represented at the crits expect to be asked to provide volunteers for at least one week. Better yet, volunteer yourself and your club by emailing Joshua @ jdkrabbe@gmail.com.

May20 – ERTC
May27 – ERTC
June3 – TBA
June10‎ – TBA
June17 – TBA
June24 – TBA
July8 – TBA
July15 – TBA


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