It’s a chicken and egg thing: Does cycling keep us in shape for cross-country skiing, or does cross-country skiing keep us in shape for cycling?

Winter doesn’t slow us down much. In September and October it’s all about cyclocross! From November to March, we cross country ski as a group to build fitness for the coming cycling season.

During the winter, many ERTC riders also join Corey’s Great Canadian Sports Club which offers organized cross country skiing and rollerblade sessions for athletes of all levels.

In-line Skating

In September and October, the Great Canadian Sports Club offers simulated cross country skiing using rollerblades and ski poles to prepare for the coming ski season.

  • Tuesday: Intermediate & advanced rollerblade
  • Thursday: Beginner rollerblade
  • Saturday: Group rollerblade
  • Sunday: Group rollerblade

Cross Country Skiing

From November to March, the Great Canadian Sports Club offers skating and classic technique lessons and training sessions six days per week for skiers of all levels.

  • Monday: Advanced ski technique session
  • Tuesday: Intermediate ski technique session
  • Wednesday: Wednesday night ski race series
  • Thursday: Beginner ski technique session
  • Saturday: Group skiing
  • Sunday: Group skiing

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