About Us

A Winning Tradition

During the cycling season the Edmonton Road and Track Club holds organized training rides almost every day. The club offers extensive training programs for the recreational and competitive athlete, from junior athletes, who receive expert training and generous club funding to recreational riders, competitive racers and even Olympic level athletes like triathlete Paul Tichelaar.

All group rides and are lead by a qualified and experienced coach. The training philosophy of the ERTC is to have all training rides run at a pace that all of our club members, from beginner to advanced, can ride at. In many cases, the group will split according to experience, ability and fitness.

Many ERTC members also join the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) and compete in organized cycling events sanctioned by the ABA. The ABA co-ordinates with all cycling clubs in Alberta to produce a racing calendar each year including events for road, track, mountain bike, and cyclocross racing.

Winter doesn’t slow us down much. We ride cyclocross and moutain bikes well into fall. Our main activity through the winter is cross country skiing, a sport that will raise your fitness level and put you ahead of your competitors at the start of the cycling season.

Our Purpose

The Edmonton Road and Track Club offers its members superb training, learning and racing opportunities in an enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere. The ERTC supports competitive and recreational cyclists. The purpose of the ERTC is to provide people of all ability levels the experience of competitive cycling. We offer expert coaching, a large and closely-knit group of cyclists, and many competitive opportunities. You will improve your fitness and cycling skills by becoming an ERTC member.

Who We Are

The ERTC was established in the mid-1970s and over the years has been involved in events like the 1978 Commonwealth Games, 1983 University Games, Cycle Edmonton Stage Race (1983-86), 1994 National Championships, and the Corporate Challenge. Our members range from first-time juniors to national team hopefuls to national and international competitors. When off the bike we are often professionals such as engineers, nurses, or teachers, and students. We share an enthusiasm for cycling. The ERTC is a group of like minded individuals who develop long lasting friendships and learn the value of teamwork through the experience of recreational and competitive cycling.


Since 1992 Corey Torgness of the Great Canadian Sport Club has joined us as a full-time coach and team director sportif. Corey can provide coaching for all levels of cyclists, but with an emphasis first and foremost on our junior racers. He enjoys working with beginner riders and developing them into accomplished racers. His philosophy is to build a strong racing team that understand team tactics and strategy. His goal is to have all levels of riders train together and benefit from each other physically and socially. Corey can give you a custom training program, nutrition advice, ergometer testing, race support, structured training rides, and a motivated group to train with.

Who You Are

Juniors 17-22

The ERTC specializes in bringing aspiring junior and espoir cyclists up into the elite ranks.  You’ll benefit from training and riding along side seasoned veterans of the largest Cat 1/2 team in the Province.

Mountain Bikers

The road to success is paved. Road and track riding lets you get both intensity and endurance without pounding your body or your bike. All of the best off-roaders know the value of road miles.


You’re spending most of your time on the bike–spend it wisely. Riding in a group at a varying pace is a good break from intervals. Having a coach monitor your progress means you’re getting the most out of your training.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Participate in a well organized program where you can go as easy or as hard as you want. The ERTC takes pride in being able to accommodate committed individuals at any level of fitness. No one gets left behind.


Take a load off your joints. Recover from or avoid injuries while staying active and working a different set of muscles. Group riding is an enjoyable social way of getting exercise while going fast.

Cross-Country Skiers

Our best crossover athletes have combined both cycling and skiing. Stay active in the summer and build more endurance through an organized training schedule, which is fun to participate in.

Speed Skaters and Hockey Players

Keep your legs and lungs working in the dry land training phase and you’ll get a head start on next winter.

What else?

The ERTC stresses learning, coaching, fair competition and safe, responsible riding. Contact us if you want to be a part of the best organized, most visible cycling organization in Alberta, either as a rider or a sponsor. There’s a lot of pride in wearing the Edmonton Road and Track Club colours.

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