Come out and try some ERTC training rides. For insurance purposes, non-members must purchase a (refundable) $75 membership prior to joining a club ride.

Ride Etiquette

    Coming out to a group ride with ERTC for the first time? Not sure how to ride with other cyclists in a group? Here are some helpful guidelines to help you integrate into a group ride.

  • Riders should never be more than two wide on any road. This is to ensure rider safety and is an effective way to shelter riders from the wind. In some busier and narrower sections of road we will ride in single file.
  • The riders at the front of the group must communicate road hazards to the rest of the group by pointing them out. Everyone behind them has to pass the message along by pointing or calling out. Think of it as a game of telephone, but on bikes and in very stylish clothing. Edmonton roads have many hazards such as rocks, shingles, nails, drywall, potholes with alligators in them, railroad tracks and other road furniture. These things can cause punctured tires and in extreme cases broken wheels and bikes.
  • Do not overlap your front wheel with the rider in front of you. Occasionally the rider in front of you may have to move suddenly to avoid a road hazard, and will bump into your front wheel. Ever watched the Tour de France sprint stages with a big crash? Usually those big pile-ups are a caused by a rider overlapping a wheel and the front rider swerving. When one rider goes down, usually a bunch more go with them.
  • Make sure that you have a small emergency repair kit with you. Your kit should include: a spare inner tube, tire leavers and a mini-pump or CO2 inflator.
  • Lastly, if you are unsure of something one of the many experienced cyclists on the ride will help you out. Feel free to ask questions.

  • Weekly Ride Details


    Beginner Track Night

    Try the Track! We have brand new track bikes for use. Just bring your pedals and we’ll set you up!
    There are no disadvantages to riding track. It will only help your road cycling – bike handling and pedaling skills in a safe traffic free environment


    Week Night Races -  Tuesday Night Crits @ Edmonton Research Park

    The Week Night Race Series is exciting and fun training for riders of all levels. Choose your discipline (road or mountain-track races are run Thursdays) and your ability group and race for bragging rights.


    Give it everything you’ve got for a set of 4x5km intervals!  Riders depart in 30s intervals timed by coach Corey. Meet at Wild Earth Cafe at 5:15 sharp to ride there and back (~80km round trip) or park at the Strathcona Olympiette Center.  Intervals are held at the junction of TWP 520 and RR 221


    Beginner Road Ride

    Our group road skills ride, open to recreational riders and fit beginner riders, starts at 6:15 p.m. at the Olympiette Center. This 2 hour ride averages 25 to 30 km/h pace. The ride is designed to strengthen group riding skills for both new and experienced riders.


    City Hill Circuit

    The infamous City Hill Circuit meets at 6 p.m. at Hawrelak Park (200 metres west of park entrance) Test your lung capacity on this two-hour ride on the best hills the city of Edmonton has to offer. Do it with some of the best hill climbers in Alberta!


    Road Ride

    Meet at Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe (8902 – 99 Street).  This road ride is two – six hours in length, with the group splitting according to speed and endurance abilities.


    Road Ride with an interval component

    Meet at Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe (8902 – 99 Street).  This long endurance ride is often over three hours. The group can split according to speed and endurance levels of riders.  About half way we start an (optional) 10km interval with a pit stop at a convenience store to recover and regroup.

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