Corey Torgness provides ERTC junior/espoir members with training program development, structured interval sessions, diet analysis, fitness testing, and race day support. During the winter, Corey offers organized group cross country ski training.

Corey has been coaching the ERTC full time since 1992 and has been coaching endurance athletes since 1976. He has studied at the master’s level and has 24 years of practical coaching experience with many sports but focuses on cycling and cross country skiing. Corey offers coaching to all levels, from first time fitness enthusiasts to Olympic level athletes. He tries to bring all levels of athletes together for training and social activities.

Some of the athletes Corey has coached include:

Aaron Schooler

Multiple National Cyclocross medalist and National Team Member

Paul Tichelaar

Represented Canada at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Triathlon

Colin Davidson

Colin represented Canada at the Barcelona Olympics in cycling and won the 1992 Canadian Tire National Race Series.

Jeff Barnes

Placed Third at the 1996 Canadian National Cycling Time Trial Championships.

Angela Schmidt-Foster

Won the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Championships, and placed 14th at World Cross Country Ski Championships.

Jane Issaksen

Represented Canada in Biathlon at the Albertville Olympics.

Joan Groothuysen

Represented Canada at two Olympics in addition to numerous medals at Canadian National Cross Country Ski Championships.

About cycling…

Coaching cycling takes a lot of one on one interaction between a coach and athlete to get the rider to elite levels. It takes years to accomplish, each person must be at their best physically and functioning smoothly as a team to get the best results. Corey finds it very exciting to coach the ERTC, it gives him the opportunity to lead a team to work together; to promote a highly functional unit.

About skiing…

Cross country ski coaching is very similar to cycling coaching physically, but technically they are very different. Corey’s ski waxing knowledge has come from 22 years of direct hands-on experience. Corey stays up to date with the latest waxing developments, but you can’t learn it all from a book at an elite level. Corey continually experiments with his athletes and waxing, there is no true scientific method.

“Ski waxing is like being a doctor, it’s part science and part individual skill: many sets of data come to you, it is not clear cut, and it takes a lot of personal interpretation to decide on wax and ski selection for a race. waxing is a mix of science and subjective art.”

On a personal note…

Corey enjoys cross country ski racing in the winter and trains 450 hours per year, doing as much of his own training as possible with his athletes. He is a hopeless animal lover and currently houses an assortment of give aways. He tried working at a job where he was not using his coaching abilities, and quickly realized he was born to coach.

Corey likes most the opportunity to use his talents and skills to their fullest. he can choose a particular path with athletes and a team and see the progress of his work over many years.

“With any type of coaching, you must be prepared to choose a path, and live with the consequences. I like the challenge of coaching under pressure.”

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